Everyone’s Zazen

Zen and Nenbutsu

-Different ways to the same destination-


This is a collaborative Zen meeting by Kannon-ji (the Rinzai school Myoshin-ji branch) and Enkaku-ji (the Jodo Shinshu school).

Both Zen and nenbutsu (Buddhist invocation) have the same root, Buddhism. Originally clarified in India by Shaka (Buddha), Buddhism was introduced to Japan establishing several schools that performed Zen and nenbutsu. This process was also a history of how people got through their lives filled with hardships.

-For being on the edge of history of strivings to live genuinely-


Date: August 19 2018

Capacity: 30 people

Program: practice of Shoshinge and zen

(Priest Mr. Yoshida will give a lecture about Zen)

Fee: 500 yen per person (one time)

Lecturer: Yoshida Eirei (chief priest of Kannon-ji, located at Oguchi, Ryuo-cho)


We expect every Zen practitioner meets their own challenges. The instruction was given by Yoshida Eirei, the chief priest of Kannon-ji, located at Oguchi, Ryuo-cho, Gamo-district, Shiga prefecture. The lecture starts from finding a sitting posture suitable for each participant, and so Zen beginners are welcomed (you can practice Zen in a chair or seiza).